'During my career I have played with several mouthpieces and I can say that this K&G mouthpiece is incredible, the comfort that I feel on my lips with this mouthpiece is unique, its sound is very warm and centered, the registers are very balanced, it has helped me a lot with the resistance.

Playing as a soloist, in Symphonic Band, Brass Band, Symphonic Orchestra or with my WIND HOLZ DUO (Violin and Euphonium) is no problem at all, this mouthpiece works perfect and makes a tremendous team with my Besson Prestige GOLD LACQUERED Euphonium 2052-8G, you get a high quality sound and tuning.

I have the complete set, very resistant leather case, Silver Buzzer (very useful for lip and mouthpiece work) and Mouthpiece.

Without hesitation I highly recommend this mouthpiece, it's a real hit!

Lucas José Manuel Fernández

Professor of Euphonium Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Besson artist

"K&G Mouthpieces are truly amazing.Clarity, sonority and richness of sound are the main characteristics of these superb mouthpieces.They have an incredible response in all registers. Very comfortable rim, amazingly crafted to give an easy access in articulation. A well balanced weight allows overtones to resonate freely. Tone is more centered than my previous mouthpieces and response is much quicker. I therefore highly recommend K&G Mouthpieces.

Paul Borg

Paul Borg - Principal Tuba of Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

The renewed Kurun & Gibert 4D Euphonium mouthpiece is for me the finest connection between my instrument and myself so far. As example, related to air, it guarantees me a warm and sonor sound while playing lyrical passages in all dynamic ranges (as well in the high, middle and low register). Next to that, related to the lips, the flexibility is great, not only while playing legato-passages for example but also while shifting between the registers. At last it guarantees me in all registers also clear articulation (as well when using single, double or triple tonguing). I’m playing now on K&G mouthpieces for six years with great enthusiasm and could recommend every Euphonium player (beginner – intermediate or advanced) to give it once a try!

Hendrik de Boer

International Euphonium Soloist and Besson artist

The K&G 3D tenor horn mouthpiece offers a warm and lyrical sound across all registers. The mouthpiece is comfortable to play on and I am impressed with the ease of flexibility and quality of sound, especially in the extreme ranges of the instrument. The most noticeable difference for me has been the improvement in my projection since using the K&G mouthpiece.

Rachel Neil

Sterling Artist and solo horn with the world famous Fairey band

After playing the same brand of mouthpiece for a long time I was reluctant to try anything else however after playing the K&G 4D mouthpiece I felt an instant improvement in low register punch, loud dynamics and all round comfort. After a few weeks I started to really enjoy using the mouthpiece. I felt my sound was more centered, fuller and stronger and I haven't looked back. My first performance using it was a solo recital in India and it was brilliant, I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to play it.

Mark Glover

International Euphonium Soloist and Sterling artist

"Simply the best mouthpieces I have ever played! Extremely comfortable ring, great sound and articulation in all registers! I could not ask for more in a mouthpiece.

I highly recommend K&G!"

Bruno Pascoal

1st sargeant, Euphonium performer in the Army Symphonic Band

The K&G mouthpiece is an excellent choice.
From the first time I felt very comfortable and pleased with the sound emitted.
It feels very flexible throughout the euphonium from the high to the low range, good articulation, gives a good response, projection and the sound is very focused. The rim is very comfortable. Very good!
Great for playing solo, large or small groups.
I recommend these excellent mouthpieces to everyone.

Alvaro Valente Da Silva

Euphonium Soloist and Geneva Artist

The K&G Mouthpieces adapt perfectly to my playing style and I can achieve a very focused, wide and rich sound with them.
It has a wide dynamic range getting some very subtle pianos and fortes powerful. It is also remarkable its ease to get a perfect emission.
Its excellent seat makes it very comfortable to play any repertoire however demanding, making my job much easier.

Guillermo Baez

Bass Trombone with the Film Symphony Orchestra, artist Michael Rath Trombones and K & G Mouthpieces

The K&G mouthoieces are something I've been looking for all my life, as a trombonist tubista and trumpeter always looked for the greatest comfort in my nozzles without sacrificing sound and quality, it was until my friend Dennis introduced me to his fantastic work that I learned that What I look for all life in the world already existed, the fantastic K&G mouthpieces.

Faustino Diaz

International Multi Instrumentalist and Soloist

'I’ve been aware of K&G for a few years now, but I’ve only recently thought to actually try out their equipment and see what’s what. I wish I had done it sooner! The new 3.5D mouthpiece is incredibly comfortable and produces a full, rich sound. In the short time I’ve been playing, I’ve noticed definite improvements in sound, accuracy and flexibility, as well as the ability to control my sound in all ranges and dynamics. If you’re ever in the position to try one, I urge you to do so. You won’t be disappointed!'

Daniel Thomas

Principal Euphonium player with the Black Dyke Brass Band

'The K&G T6B mouthpiece is an excellent choice of mouthpiece for orchestral, solo and chamber music. After several months of using it in the operatic and ballet repertoire in the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, and also on recitals with our Busina Brass Quintet, I have come to the conclusion that the mouthpiece is engineered with such delicacy and perfection that the sound that it produces is warm and round in all registers. It is very difficult to miss a note even in the most extreme piano dynamics. It feels very flexible throughout the trombone high and low range, gives a direct response and the sound is very centered and focused. The rim is very comfortable and enables for extended time of playing, which is specially helpful in the long opera and ballet performances.

I highly recommend these excellent mouthpieces by Kurun & Gilbert and thank them for producing such a versatile mouthpiece for trombone.
Ivan Bošnjak Principal trombone Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Principal trombone No Borders Orchestra Busina Brass Quintet'.

Ivan Bosnjak

Principal trombone at the Croatian National Orchestra in Zagreb

'' I have been looking for a mouthpiece that fits me perfectly and I can say that the K&G 1F mouthpiece is the best I’ve played, and I would be more than willing to play on K&G exclusively for the rest of my career! After trying many of the top brands of tuba mouthpiece, nothing has quite come close to the perfect balance of precision, and flexibility throughout the entire register of the instrument, than K&G. It’s a brilliantly crafted mouthpiece and is one that I enjoy playing on immensely.”

Chris Hardy

Principal BBb Tuba player with the Fairey Brass Band

" K&G mouthpieces are exactly what I was looking for.
Working as a freelancer musician, I need to be able to play and blend in different music environments, so now I can play every music style with them, they are so versatile.
I can color the sound as like I want, the rim is so comfortable and the craftsmanship is superb.
They project a lot, and articulation is so clear and easy.
I suggest K&G Mouthpieces to everyone"

Andrea Andreoli

Freelance Jazz Artist, Milan

"I was looking for the most beautiful and mellow sound possible. The K&G mouthpiece makes that possible without becoming fuzzy and airy. It keeps core as well. Its very easy to play virtuoso passages and flexibillity is second to none without the loss of comfort. For me its the best mouthpiece I have ever played and I tried practically everything on the market. Highly recommend it. It will jump start your improvement as a Cornetist".

Frank De Boer

International Cornet Soloist and Geneva artist, Netherlands

“Finally ....I can now go onstage with only 1 mouthpiece instead of 2 or 3. I'm very pleased to announce that after a short trial, I will be playing on a K&G mouthpiece for the foreseeable future. It has a marvellous range and a rich, wonderful tone. Also, this mouthpiece is very comfortable on the lips. I am quite confident that this is the finest product on the market today!”

Jim Hayes

International Cornet Soloist and Geneva artist, UK

"From the start I really enjoyed playing the mouthpiece. Good projection of the sound, real smooth playing because of the soft rim and in articulation everything felt amazingly natural. I tried several mouthpieces but I was really flabbergasted about the quality of K&G. I played several solo concerts and even last week with symphony orchestra, and it fitted every need! Really happy about this choice"

Gerd Wensink

International Solo Euphonium and Sterling Vitruoso artist, Netherlands

"As a Euphonium player, I am so proud of this remarkable mouthpiece. It gives me that beautiful euphonium sound as well as improved projection and articulation. Throughout these two years I’m using this mouthpiece I feel much more comfort and stamina as well much control in all dynamics. I would recommend it to everyone. Well done guys."

George Camilleri

Euphonium soloist

Graduated with honours in trombone in 1998 at Vincenzo Bellini Musical Institute of Catania under the guide of M° Camillo Pavone. He continued his studies at the Advanced Conservatory of Paris(2002) and then at Saint Cecilia Academy in Rome(2003) under the guide of M°J.Mauger. He has won several national and international competitions, such as the 2nd International Competition of Music for Young Interpreters "City of Chieri", where he played accompanied by the Turin Royal Theatre Orchestra. He has won the 18th International Trombone Competition “City of Porcia”(2007) and the 5th International Trombone Competition of Jeju 2008(South Korea). He has won several auditions for trombone. He has performed in Italy and in foreign countries as trombone soloist and as part of various formation. He is part of the Sicilian Brass Quintet, with whom he has recorded two discs and the Sciara Quartet, formation that has won several national competitions. He has recorded a concert as trombone soloist in the disc “A bridge to Brasil”. Since 2003 he has covered the role of first trombone in the Orchestra of the Theatre Maximum “V.Bellini” of Catania. To the intense concert activity he places side by side the didactic activity: he is in fact teacher of the course of specialization for trombone at the “V.Bellini” Institute of Caltanissetta,and held numerous master classes in Italy, Switzerland, France, Mexico, Hungary, Korea, Spain, Colombia, etc ..
↵He collaborate as principal Trombone with “Teatro alla Scala” of Milan and Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Orchestra in Rome .

Vincenzo Paratore

International trombone soloist and Courtois artist

I'm really surprised by the quality and it plays really comfortably! The soft rim is great, and the sound is much more warm then my previous mouthpiece. Projection is better and endurance gets better!

Robbert Vos

International Euphonium virtuoso, Sterling Artist, Netherlands

I’ve now been playing on the Kurun and Gilbert (K&G 5D) mouthpiece for three weeks and I am very impressed with the product. First of all it is very centred in all the range of the euphonium. It’s easier to control the production of piano notes throughout the ranges but it is also very powerful when one really wants to stand out if needed. The sound has improved considerably with full, rich and vibrant sound in every register. It really sings beautifully. The rim is also very comfortable and helped me to be even more flexible to switch between notes and large intervals without any problem. I've also noticed that I can play for hours without getting tired (improved endurance). Moreover, I managed to stretch my high and low register even further!

Finally, I really would like to congratulate Kurun and Gilbert for doing such a fantastic job on this mouthpiece. I must say that it is a must for aspiring and professional brass musicians!

Mark Gauci

Brass teacher and Freelance Trombonist