The Masters Range Edition

The new range of the Euphonium and Trombone Masters edition mouthpieces is developed to achieve more precise details. It features the same rim profile, cup and bore with a newly designed backbore that produces maximum accuracy.

Following the success and positive feedback we received on the standard series, we decided to keep this model and include the new updates in our latest euphonium mouthpiece design, The Master Series.

Both The Standard and The Master Series are of a high performance. The standard is wider in sound quality while the Master range is less wide with more definition in all registers.

The Master Series produces an increase in air velocity that creates a more powerful and bold sound. The characteristics of the sound are that it is more focused and centered with an enhanced projection followed by a lyric sound.

Select options110.00135.00 excl. VAT
Select options110.00135.00 excl. VAT

110.00 excl. VAT