We guarantee to send the items within a few working days when payment is made.

No. The K&G design is exclusive.

A mouthpiece must be cleaned from time to time. Soap and water are enough to remove any residuals that build up after some time. Use a special brush in order to clean the inside of your backbore. Dropping you mouthpiece can have a negative effect on playability. This includes damaging of the rim profile, deformation of the shank and so on. Therefore it is good practice to place your mouthpiece in a pouch instead of letting it out in your instrument's case.

Yes. K&G Mouthpieces are designed to fit each make of instruments.

K&G mouthpieces are engineered mouthpieces based on engineering principles such as fluids and acoustics. The geometry of the mouthpiece is based on mathematical formulas and physics standards. K&G Mouthpieces are designed based on years of knowledge and experience in order to provide superior comfortability and unsurpassed efficiency. You will immediately notice a positive difference.

We use only pure silver and 24-karat gold. Plating is durable and will last longer.

No. Postage fees have to be paid accordingly, depending on the country from where the purchase is made.

Gold plating allows the lips and the skin around them to warm much more quickly than with silver. Gold plating gives the lips more flexibility since it offers less friction. It also produces a relatively clean and lyrical sound.  On the other hand, silver plated mouthpieces tend to feel more secure due to enhanced grip and produce a relatively darker tone colour.

We adopted a standard quality control plan which controls both the process of making the mouthpiece and the product itself. For each and every mouthpiece, we measure the most critical dimensions to make sure that they are within established tolerances. We weigh each mouthpiece to verify that there is no variation in the mass. We visually inspect the mouthpiece throughout the whole process in order to maintain quality to the highest possible standards.

No. Trombone mouthpieces are specifically designed to be used on trombones only. Likewise, this applies to euphonium and baritone mouthpieces. This is because the internal design of a trombone mouthpiece is different compared to that of a euphonium or a baritone mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece orders are only delivered by courier which is a fast and efficient door-to-door service and which is also trackable.