About Kurun and Gilbert

Kurun & Gilbert are the designers and manufacturers of K&G Mouthpieces, a complete professional line of brass mouthpieces for trombones, baritones, euphoniums, tubas, tenor horns, flugels, trumpets and cornets. K&G Mouthpieces are aimed to assist musicians during performances of any genre of music.  

K&G Mouthpieces are engineered mouthpieces. Their design is based on years of knowledge and experience together with applied engineering principles ranging from fluid mechanics to acoustics. K&G Mouthpieces aim to offer the musician what no other mouthpiece is capable of in terms of intonation, slotting of notes, musical range, articulation, sound projection, vibration and ease of playing through its efficient design. These mouthpieces aim to give the musician an outstanding experience.


Dennis Kurun Camilleri LLCM, FLCM, FTCL, LRSM

Dennis, better known as Kurun, entered the world of music at the age of 11. He started to play the baritone. Later, he continued his professional studies under the guidance of Paul Borg. In the year 1994, he graduated for the first time from the London College of Music where he acquired his LLCM in baritone performance. Two years later, Kurun achieved the FLCM from the same college. In the year 1997, he graduated from the Trinity College of Music by obtaining the FTCL. Kurun is a trombonist by profession and holds the place of the second trombone in the Malta Philarmonic Orchestra since the year 2000. He attended various masterclasses under the guidance of international artists. In 2005, he achieved his fourth recognition by graduating from the Royal School of Music and achieving the LRSM, this time in trombone performance. Over the years, Dennis gained knowledge and experience by trying out hundreds of different mouthpieces, which, together with Gilbert, brought about the creation of a masterpiece – the K&G Mouthpieces.

As a soloist on the baritone, Kurun performed at various recitals with piano accompaniment. He is a member of the International Trombone Association (ITA) and attended the Trombone International Festival (ITF) which took place in Birmingham, where, he encountered countless renowned trombonists from around the world. Presently, Kurun is very active musically. He forms part of various local wind bands and big bands.


Gilbert Spiteri B.Eng (Hons) (Melit.)

Gilbert’s interest in music started when he was 12 where he started to play the tenor trombone. He continued his professional studies under the guidance of Roderick Bugeja. His interest in engineering started when he was 16. Gilbert reached his academic goal in the year 2009, where he graduated with first class honours in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Malta. Gilbert has a special interest in design engineering; the area of mechanical engineering within which he aimed to work and specialize. Combining his technical background together with music performance was one his lifelong dreams. This, together with Kurun’s knowledge and experience, came true with the creation of K&G Mouthpieces; a combination of engineering principles and musical expertise.

Nowadays, Gilbert works as a full-time design engineer. He is also active musically and forms part of various local wind bands. He is also a member of the International Trombone Association (ITA). Lately, Gilbert started to form part of the Malta Youth Orchestra, where he holds the place of second trombone. He is also employed with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra on a part-time basis.