“The K&G mouthpiece I use is simply wonderful. It is extremely comfortable, ergonomic and good looking. It brings out all my best features as a musician. I´ve been playing with it for a long time and it helps me have a better definition on my articulation, air focus, sound quality and it´s very balanced in all registers. This is a very important quality of this product, because being so easy to focus the sound from the low register to the high register, it let´s my sound be free, open and warm. For me, these are the best mouthpieces ever! It truly is a masterpiece!”

Luis Gomes

Euphonium teacher at Academia de Música de Vale de Cambra

I have been playing with this great mouthpiece for the last 5 years. I find this mouthpiece gives me a better homogeneity in the different registers and it is very comfortable. The attacks with it are very good and it gives a nice round sound in the high register.

Antonino Nuciforo

Second trombone with Macao Symphony Orchestra

When I test for first time in stand of ITF Valencia the K&G mouthpieces, the first sensation was the comfortable rim and easy flexibility and good first attacks. After in diary work, I love it more day by day! The D Cup is perfect for 2nd Trombone in Symphonic music and the C cup is ideal for 1st Trombone or soloing and chamber music both cups help me focus the sound without losing clarity of articulation. Great work, Great sound !!!!!

David Taboada Rama

Professor at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Badajoz (Spain)

I always found the search for a great cornet mouthpiece quite a struggle: I’ve tried the whole lot, so when a new Maltese brand started making cornet mouthpieces, my attention was raised immediately. From what I’d heard, they made excellent euph mouthpieces, so I was curious what they could do with their version of a cornet mouthpiece.

From the very first moment I played on the K&G range, I have to say I was surprised by the improvements in intonation and flexibility without the loss of sound quality!

K&G managed to develop a superior mouthpiece, with an extremely comfortable rim, incredible intonation and amazing broad and deep sounds. I can now honestly say, that the (sometimes tiring) search for “my" mouthpiece has finally come to an end: the K&G 1C it is!

Robert Ernest

Principal Cornet Provinciale Brassband Groningen European Champion of International Foden's Competition 2018

I’ve been playing tenor horn for over 25 years, and for the majority of that time I have been using the same model of mouthpiece.

Last year I found myself frustrated with a few aspects of my playing, and towards the end of the year I got chatting with Dennis. He told me all about K&G, and the design and philosophy behind their mouthpieces.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to try the 3D model, and was immediately impressed with how comfortable it is to play on. The noticeable improvement in my production, control and stamina made me quickly realise I’d made the right choice.

Chris Ball

Solo Tenor Horn The Kirkintilloch Band

When I tested the new model K&G OE bass trombone mouthpiece, I found the sensation of incredibly precise articulation combined with exceptional flexibility and beautiful sound in all registers and very easy to play. The lips comfort provided by K&G mouthpieces is simply outstanding !

Laurent Weisbeck

Artist at Yamaha Music Europe

'As a euphonium player I’ve had a few mouthpieces in the past and never found the perfect one. Since I played on the K&G mouthpiece I found the perfect one. A great quality mouthpiece with a superb warm sound. Next to a warm and rich sound the projection and flexibility are marvelous. Because of the comfortable playing on the mouthpiece my endurance and the range in the high register got better. I really recommend the K&G mouthpiece to my fellow brass colleagues! Ralf Schreurs plays on K&G 3D Euphonium mouthpiece.

Ralf Schreurs

Euphonium Soloist, Sterling artist

Former freelance trumpet player who played regularly with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Welsh National Opera, Halle, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestras. Graduated from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Now second man down for the worlds number one ranked band - The Cory Band.

The K & G mouthpiece is one of the best hat I have ever played. It has a consistently rich sounds throughout the range. It has a bright but robust sound and it is extremely comfortable to play. I find that my stamina has improved drastically and it is very responsive at the start of notes which means that it offers a very clean articulation.

Adrian Williams

Sub Principal Cornet Player, The Cory Band

I have had the K&G 2B cornet mouthpiece for the past few weeks. I find the K&G to be much more comfortable on the chops and the playability is second to none. The purity of tone it creates is its’ forte!⇥

Michael Baker

Cornet player, Salvation Army, USA

I have now played a period with K&G 3.5D silver mouthpiece, and I am so far very pleased with it. It responds well in all registers and comfortable to play on.In fact, my upper register has been expanded after the transition to this mouthpiece, and at the same time, i feel that endurance generally was improved.My experience so far is that this will be my primary euphonium mouthpiece from today onwards!

Martin Vorpvik

Solo euphoniumist, Frei Hornmusikk, Norway

This is a very good mouthpiece which is capable of producing a soft and clear sound. It gives a defined attack, enhanced with ease of playability. This mouthpiece helped me to develop a very original tone. For me this is the perfect mouthpiece I’ve been looking for. I wish your company success and prosperity and of course to continue to delight us with new quality products!

Gregory Roitfarb

Retired professor, soloist of the Simfonet Ra'anana, Israel

K&G are wonderful mouthpieces. I am very pleased with this magnificent mouthpiece. Soft and at the same time capable of producing a broad sound. I decided to try the T4.5C and was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and total satisfaction with what I read online about this mouthpiece. It sounds good in all registers. K&G is suitable for symphony orchestra and for big bands and a great mouthpiece for chamber performances too. Today, I confidently recommend my students to pay close attention on K&G mouthpieces.

I cannot forget to mention and thank Gilbert and Dennis for the attention with which they treat their customers! I want to wish K&G Mouthpieces every success and prosperity!

Alex Chechelnitsky

Trombonist and educator, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Israel

K&G 5.5B mouthpiece is fantastic. It helps me to produce a true baritone sound with an ease of projection. The size of 5.5B is perfect as it is small enough to keep good tuning on high notes, which tend to be flat on the baritone, and it is big enough to keep warm but focused baritone sound. I would like to thank K&G to help me to improve my playing!

Nat McDonald

Principle Baritone, Foden Band, UK

I came across K&G Mouthpieces at the ITF in Paris last year and they gave me some mouthpieces to try. I decided to play the T6B on my jazz trombone. After playing with it for a while, I was really impressed with the sound, attack as well as the range of my playing.

Currently, I spend a lot of time playing the trombone whilst performing with my Funkband (Interstellar Funk Connection) and I was surprised how easy I was able to play for long hours without getting tired. I've been using my K&G mouthpiece for 9 months now and would definitely recommend it cause I'm totally happy!

Sam Spörri

Haag jazz trombone artist, Switzerland

After borrowing a size 4 Euph mouthpiece for a contest I was amazed at how open I could make the sound yet still control the tone right thought the range. This prompted me to buy my own baritone version.

Now settled in, it's a Godsend. The mouthpiece's comfort must affect my stamina because I can play all day on it. There's a nice projected tone produced through the range, a shelf for the upper register and a nice control on all dynamics. Hard to find for the barking iron!

The K&G team were really supportive as well, communicating superbly. All in all, well worth the purchase.

Ciaran Young

Solo Baritone, Brighouse & Rastrick Band, UK

After I tried the K&G mouthpiece in ITF Paris, I found in this tool a way to do a big, brilliant and resonant sound in a natural way with great comfort in all registers of the trombone.The final result of sound is wonderful, I´m very happy with my choice, Congratulations Kurun and Gilbert for your work!

André Mensch Filho

Trombonist, Brazil Air Force, Brazil

I have played the mouthpiece for about 6 months and I really enjoy it. The sound and the intonation are outstanding. The sound is consistent in all registers and is more so than other mouthpieces I have used. I have used it in Wind Band and Brass Band situations and it has performed admirably in both. The intonation is very good and on my Miraphone 1280 intonation can be a little tricky. Intonation is more even and easily adjusted than I have had in the past. These are fine mouthpieces and I would recommend for everyone to give them a try.

Barry Morrison

Retired Principal Euphonium U.S. Military Academy Band West Point, NY, USA

Having tried the Euphonium and Baritone mouthpieces, I have been very impressed with both the quality and design. I felt comfortable right across the range and found them flexible and responsive. I was particularly impressed with the baritone mouthpiece which fills a gap in the design of mouthpieces for this instrument

Alwyn Green

Bass trombonist, Euphoniumist, Principal Bass Trombone of CBSO, UK

I chose a T5B mouthpiece at the ITF in Paris. I've used it for a month and I am increasingly happy with my choice! The reasons are many; incredible comfort, great playability, clearer articulation, facility to play the low register and sharp and excellent and rich sound projection! My strength has increased during the concerts and the ease of a good sound in all registers of the trombone!

Éxito total! Total Success!!

Jorge Chinchilla Dannenberger

Trombonist, Los Ajenos, Costa Rica

After only playing the K&G T5B a few times, I've been very pleased with the results! This mouthpiece has a very quick response and nice clarity throughout the registers of the trombone, including the extreme upper and lower registers. I noticed immediately that I could back off with the tongue while articulating, as this mouthpiece speaks without needing to expend too much effort. The T5B also has the most comfortable mouthpiece rim I've ever played! K&G has delivered with a great mouthpiece, I look forward to more from K&G!

Nick Finzer

Jazz artist, composer and educator. Masters graduate at The Juilliard School (NY)