K&G Accessories

K&G Mouthpiece Buzzers are available for Trombones, Baritones and Euphoniums. They come in both large and small shanks. This is the latest development from K&G mouthpieces. Most players use the buzzing technique before warming up as their daily routine. It allows you to practice buzzing through your mouthpiece with normal resistance whilst holding your instrument in a standard playing position. he benefits of this technique have been confirmed by many brass players.

How to use it

Place your mouthpiece in the buzzer, then insert your buzzer into the instrument’s leadpipe. Start playing normally by buzzing through your mouthpiece. The air will flow through your mouthpiece and out of the buzzer hole.

What are the benefits?

Better lip vibration
Beginners learn how to buzz in the mouthpiece
Improve stamina and pitch Control.
More defined attacks
Improved tone quality and broadness in sound
Allows buzzing at anytime without disturbing others

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