A high quality K&G range of mouthpieces designed to assist with the ever increasing challenges faced by today’s baritone players. The unique K&G rim design is used on all K&G products and gives extreme comfort and support thus aiding performance and endurance. All K&G baritone mouthpieces allow a true baritone sound with a warmth and openness that gives control and ease of projection for both solo and ensemble playing. The unique mouthpiece design provides a focused sound with the air flow allowing accurate and clearly defined articulation. The control and intonation being consistent across all dynamic ranges and extremes of the playing register.

Please see the data below and the comparison chart or contact K&G to assist your choice.

Recent feedback and comments regarding the K&G baritone mouthpieces can be found on the Testimonials page.

DesignationRim Inside Diameter (mm)B (medium)Shank
Available in Medium wide rims only
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